8 Ghanaian sayings that sound like compliments but are not… really

Ghanaians have some of the most interesting commentary when it comes to certain situations. And while some of them may seem bizarre, hilarious and even insulting these sayings are aspects of contemporary Ghanaian culture whether we like it or not.

Lucky enough, we’re in a mood for some ‘contemporary’ Cultural Studies. So sit up, take out your jotters and take note of these 8 Ghanaian sayings that sound like compliments but are not…really compliments.

1. When you get a fresh hair cut after a long period and then people see you and say, “Wow, you too you can look fresh like that.”

We’re getting Lockdown flashbacks.

2. When your visiting Auntie (from your father’s side) says “You’ve grown slim oo” in the presence of your mother.

If you want to fight the Mrs of the House do it with your chest.

3. When your visiting Auntie (from your mother’s side) says “You’ve grown big oo” in the presence of your mother.

Giving the Mrs her cooking laurels.

4. When they say “a man must be ugly and fearsome”.

So if I look like Quasimodo will you still love me?

5. When you wear a new outfit to work and they say “Today de3 you look fine papa.”

So every other day I look like road kill, eh?

6. When you call or message an old acquaintance and their response is “Eih, where did I sleep last night for you to check up on me?”

The bar for simple courtesy nowadays is apparently in hell.

7. When your opinion differs with someone and their response is “I used to rate you.”

Because I am forex.

8. When there’s a discussion about a person’s character and someone says, “As for *inserts name* he’s not like other *insert group* people.”

Yes, thank you for your Engineering Masters in Stereotyping and your PhD. in Prejudice.





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