8 head-turning hair braid styles from Lydia Forson you need to screenshot

Lydia Forson’s hair persuasion is top tier. I mean, have you seen her? Hair? That’s a goddess who treats her crown right.

But really, Lydia Forson’s hairstyles is absolute goals. She is a lady who knows how to treat her braids. And it’s no surprise considering she owns one of Ghana’s top natural hair and skin product lines, KinkyMatters.

When she’s not acting or advocating, Lydia showcases some of her best hair looks on her Gram. And she’s versatile with it!

The actress’ IG grid is full of hair braids inspo. We just had to share.

Screenshot these 8 head-turning Lydia Forson hair braid styles below.

You just may need to show them at your next saloon appointment.

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You can check out more of Lydia Forson’s hair here and here. And more of what’s on her mind here.





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