8 mad fun highlights from Odwira2021

The Odwira festival was without a doubt one of the highlights of 2021. And the year hasn’t ended yet! Culture, pageantry and sports tied up in a bough of good Ghanaian fun.

The Odwira festival is celebrated by the peoples of Fanteakwa District in Ghana’s Eastern region of Ghana. Every year in the month of September the people of Akropong-Akuapim, Aburi, Larteh and Mamfi come together to celebrate the history of their forebears and their victory at the Battle of Katamansu.

This year’s festivities were nothing short of spectacular entertainment. With a list of activities canvased to not only entertain but also empower and educate both tourists and indigenes, Odwira2021 marked the year in grand style.

Here are 8 mad fun highlights from Odwira2021.

1. Health walk

Fun and games take a lot of energy. And what better way to ramp up passions than with a health walk to start the festivities? The festivities started of with a health walk which included group-effort cardio exercises that ended in a networking function.

2. General health screening.

Right after the walk was a free general health screening which encouraged not only good eating and living practices but also desensitised on issues pertaining to sexual health. This definitely made for some awkward but funny jokes and punchlines.

3. Art Exhibition.

Art attack was the fact and that’s what happened at the Palace forecourt. Abstract art pieces from indigenous artists were displayed with a backdrop of cool jazz and highlife music to ginger spirits.

4. Treeplanting Exercise

The world is going green and so did the festival. Honoured with dignitaries and political personages, the festival embarked on a mission to plant as many trees as possible. And this exercises was just as well a success.

5. An Inter Schools Quiz Competition.

Spotlight fell on the youth with an inter school quiz competition. Aburi Secondary Technical School, Methodist Girls Secondary, Okuapeman and other local schools convened for a friendly showdown to assert who is who is a Quiz Competition. This competition did not only bolster morale but also engaged the youth in mentorship.

6. Fromtofrom Dance Challenge.

What is Ghanaian culture without some dancing? The Fromtofrom Dance Challenge at the palace was a reflection of custom, history and performative storytelling. Plus, who doesn’t like a challenge with prize money for the stakes.

7. Boxing Bout

The Boxing Bout saw crowds swell in to watch a showdown of massive proportions. Engaging the youth in sports and entertainment was a fixture of the festival that had every and all those present elated.

8. Music Concert.

Fameye and Amerada set the night afire with back to back performances from their individual repertoires. It was a fitting end to the festivities. In the end the festival came to a close in grand style marking one which will always be remembered.





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