8 memories every Ghanaian who went to boarding school can relate to

Do you remember how much we were in a hurry to grow up? To finish school and be independent? Well, adulting is a scam.

It’s ironic how most of us miss the Good Old Days. Feeling like a Dada Bee for wearing mofty to vacation classes or linking with your high school squad at the Accra Mall (when the Accra Mall was the Accra Mall).

Boarding school in Ghana gave us some good memories. And the only thing greater than a good memory is a shared one.

Here are 8 memories, from bad to good, every Ghanaian who went to boarding school can relate to

1. Dormitory banter after Friday Prep.

TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY CHRIS STEIN Labone Senior High School students chat in a classroom on December 1, 2012 in Accra. (Photo credit should read Chris Stein/AFP via Getty Images)

The agenda? Conversations that would easily flip to arguments about girls, music trivia, latest music videos then movie reviews. No topic was left untouched.

2. Seniors hazing juniors after lights out.

Definitely not one of our favourite ones. Some seniors could be extra cruel with their bullying. Some would even go overboard and get physical. Sadly, Senior Slypopo, the one that used to terrorise the whole dorm, karma didn’t get him. He’s now the MP for your constituency. C’est la vie.

3. The excitement of getting ready for Saturday night entertainment.

The girls would scarf their short hair, daub their faces with powder, get their lips moist with lip gloss and then top it up with a lollipop. And the boys? Autofista nkwaa.

4. Funfooling in the class during PTA Meetings.

Because who doesn’t like to be young, wild and free while the teachers and parents are locked away in a meeting? If you were bad this would be the time to jump the wall and run out of campus.

5. Getting Papaye or Home Chow on Visiting Days.

Back when Papaye was affectionately called Payay. Folks would be acting so special in the dorm just because their parents brought them Papaye and a box of Foster Clarks and Juvita. Unnecessary tension.

6. Feeling like a new creation after attending your first Scripture Union meeting.

The bad boys would come to the dorm quoting Bible quotations just because they went to one Scripture Union session. Old thing have passed away indeed.

7. Boys bringing cars to Fast and Furious Tokyo Drift on campus (Atwetwe)

When it was getting close to vacation the rich boys would show their driving muscle. Sometimes in convoy, sometimes solo, these boys would bring their parent’s cars and come and drift on campus like their Formula 1 racers. Usually, impromptu, these events always drew the entire school crowd. Sometimes even teachers.

8. The anticipation for Interco

Students pictured during a Visit to Teshie Presec Senior High School. PUBLICATIONxINxGERxSUIxAUTxONLY ERICxLALMAND 05292217

We saved the best for last. Interco was like a sports festival, student mixer and funfair all put in one event. Students from all over would come together for a sport competition. There’d be the fine girls flexing the fresh boys. Old rivalries would be rekindled. And if you were lucky you could meet your next boyfriend or girlfriend there.





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