8 nostalgic Nollywood pictures that are 100% meme-worthy.

Pictures speak a thousand words, and memes speak a million more.

The golden age of Nollywood is one of the most nostalgic times for many Nigerians and Ghanaians alike. Memories of winding cassette tapes, coping VCDs or staying up to watch whatever movie MetroTV had in store always give us the feels.

So imagine our surprise when we came across a Twitter page called Nolly Babes that carefully curates pictures from 90s and early 2000s Nollywood movies. If you are tired of having to text responses that will be misconstrued as lacking emotional intelligence then here we go.

Here are 8 nostalgic Nollywood pictures that are 100% meme-worthy.

When they block you before you could block them.

When you and your diaspora squad drop at Gallery.

When you call your sugar mommy ‘Babes’ for the first time.

When he slides into your DMs and you were already timing him.

When you catch him at the club after you both lied that you were sleeping in.

When you find out that your sugar daddy lost everything in the divorce.

When the friend that owes you money calls you the broke one in the group.

When Momo takes the money you borrowed and never intended to pay.





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