8 reasons why we’ve fallen in love with Content Creator Danielle Afram

Danielle Afram is the walking embodiment of “Colour Me Surprised”. Just when we think she has outdone herself with a post she raises the bar even higher with her next Instagram update. Danielle’s Instagram feed is a savvy gallery of colour, fashion and lifestyle content. This lady is the Queen of Colour Blocking Content and that’s that.

The Digital Content creator has been on our radar for a few months now but she did not start curating her gallery just now. Danielle’s been giving us a vision of her inner creative as far back as 2018.

Why we love her? Apart from how gorgeous a woman she issue? Well, it’s also because she builds an aesthetic around a chosen colour and literally creates wholesome content around that hue. The result? Absolute brilliance. There is so much to feel of her feed.

We just can’t get enough of her and we just had to share 8 reasons why we’ve fallen in love with her.

1. She’s pretty.

2. She’s smart.

3. She loves art.

4. She loves good food.

5. She cooks.

6. She loves nature.

7. She loves flowers.

8. And she slay all day every day.

Wait, Wait. Last one.

9. And she loves wine.





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