8 simple but chic Christmas gifts for less than 100cedis

Chic and affordable seem like words that hardly ever get along. However, to start up the Christmas festivities we present to you 8 simple but chic and affordable Christmas gifts for less than 100 cedis.

Out of ideas of what to give that office colleague who always covers for you when you can’t come in. Or how about that client who has steadily scaled his demand as your business has grown?

From sophisticated but effective ideas to practical gifts that leave a mark, we bring you a list for the season.

Here are 8 simple but chic Christmas gifts for less than a 100cedis.

1. Customized Tote bags

Tote bags are a great way to go green and help with recycling. For all their shopping needs a tote bag, especially a customised one, will always be a great gift to give someone.

2. Scented Candles.

Some scented candles are expensive as there are some less than 100cedis. Scented Candles set the mood for relaxation and in this fast-paced world, we all need a break from time to time. Preferably in a bathtub amd surrounded by scented candles.

3. Essential Oils

Jasmine, Rosemary and even mint are a few essential oils that are great great growing hair, glowing skin and also relaxing the body with their sweet-smelling fragrance. A cool three-set will easily make that special someone swoon.

4. Waffle maker

Yes, a waffle maker. They may seem expensive but they actually aren’t. During this festive season where many electrical companies are hurling promotions this is easily a great opportunity to get one and get it wrapped under the tree.

5. Bathroom mat

It would surprise you how many people actually need bathroom mats and always forget to buy one whenever they go shopping. A fancy bathroom mat is a different and great gift for Christmas.

6. Reed Diffuser

Reed diffuser’s have become quite in vogue when it comes to decor and interior. They are long-lasting and keep a room smelling zesty and fresh. They cost between 40 to 60 cedis. Now, why not get that and leave a lasting impression even after you’ve left the room.

7. Coconut or shea butter.

It is Harmattan currently and the weather does not seem to be letting up. Accra has become hazy and dry. What better way to get them gleaming and glowing than with coconut and shea butter? Plus it smells so good.

8. A set of arm chair pillows.

A custom set of arm chair pillows are a great way to add some decor and aesthetic to your house. It’s almost not a want but a need.





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