8 sizzling OOTD posts from CinaSoul’s Instagram

Cina Soul is emerging to be that breakout Soul artist of the year. A product of the Ghana Vodafone Music Icons show, Cina Soul is sashaying her way up to the top with each beat.

Her hit 2018 single Ojorley with its artistically shot music video set her position in place among Ghana’s lady musicians. Her latest single Feelings with hiplife heartthrob Kidi is popping with romance and contemporary Ghanaian motifs. All I can say is that music video smells like cocoa butter and we love it.

Cina Soul isn’t only reminding us of the human condition with her art she’s also giving us fashion statements. With each post on her Instagram feed the fire never stops.

Here are 8 sizzling OOTD posts from Cina Soul’s Instagram.

1. The L’orange


2. Ript!


3. Polka Face?


4. Obsidian delight


5. Checking the fushia


6. Afro wave


7. Ga princess


8. Take us away.






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