8 types of co-workers you probably know

We didn’t realise how working in an officespace could be so stressful until we started working from home. Wait oo- actually we always did. That’s why pressing officewear Sunday evening was always a chore.

One thing we do kind of miss is the office dynamic with dealing with coworkers. They can be your friends you share salacious gossip with during lunch. Or they can be that person who always runs their mouth to HR because you looked at them a certain way. Here are 8 types of office co-workers you probably know.


1. The Busybody

As for them you would think the office is for their father- generational inheritance. Extra hardworking and always busy doing something. First to come to work. Last to leave. But the zeroes on their payslip remains the same as your own.


2. The Office Comedian


So-so jokes. These ones never take the job seriously. They don’t even take themselves seriously. But you can count on them to make you smile or even laugh during your hefty  workload.


3. The Churchy co-worker

Morning devotion captain. All-night Chief Inviter. Assistant Paul. If you want the Word of our Lord in the office then look no farther. They will recite Psalms for every ordeal you are facing. They tend to be conservative but drop nuggets of relationship advise which may help you.


4. The Blabbermouth

Nkokonsa Overlord. They know everything and anything about anyone and everyone in the office. Masters of Gist, they will give the best and juiciest gossip. Sometimes without you even asking for it. Their kingdom is usually the lunchroom.


5. The Post Kaya captain

This one is like the busybody co-worker on Rush Energy drink 24/7! Their eyes are CCTV. Always monitoring and in your face about something you did wrong. Sadly, they tend to be in positions of power. Why are you still a contract staff? Why have you not gotten a salary raise? *swivels spotlight on Post Kaya*


6. The bougie co-worker


They always slay in their officewear. You can smell them before they enter the office and after they have left. Skin-popping, hair-rocking, wrist-shining, they are the office fashionistas. When it’s Friday casual wear? Please, forget. Their fashion drip is enough to call the cleaners back in to do a second floor mopping. The Office is their runway.


7. The Party Planner

They are the life of the party and they bring the vibe at the office party. When they don their party planning mantle, you best believe the whole office will be twirling to some Black Sheriff.


8. The I-Came-To-Just-Get-Paid-and-Go worker


Please, they didn’t send anybody. They came to just work, get their salary and go back home. They are just passing through work and want work to stay at work. If there is a work group chat then you best believe you will never hear anything from them. Zoom conference call? They will mute that whole conversation. They don’t want no stress. Respect yourself and minding my business is their way of life. Allow them to maintain their peace.





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