8 Unofficial food rules you should know if you are Ghanaian

As a Ghanaian both at home and abroad, food is an essential part of the culture.

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Food is the common denominator that binds us despite our many difference as a nation. Interestingly, enough the way food is made, shared or eaten in our various homes has the same kind of unofficial rules that we all abide by.

Here are 8 unofficial food rules you should know as a Ghanaian

1. Shortbread biscuit is sweeter when you beg for it

Never buy shortbread biscuits with your own money. And especially in this economy when it cost an arm and leg. Please wait for your friend or colleague to buy it and beg shamelessly for some. It even tastes better.

2. Take lessons and tutorials in self-control by frying Kelewele or plantain without tasting it.

Did you know the best way to test your self-control abilities is by learning to fry fingers of plantain without even tasting one? (Even the bible agrees with us on it)

3. Your Dad, mum and the guests are the only ones who will eat rice and stew on two separate plates.

Every other person in the house is a common-floor member aside from your Dad, mum and their guest. They’re the only ones who deserve the special plates in the kitchen cabinet.

4. When you plan to steal meat, put it under your rice.

Nobody will ever find out and not even the FBI will be smart enough to know you have 7 pieces of meat under the mountain of white rice.

5. Resist the urge to call the Kosua ne M3ko seller after the first buy

Everyone knows Ghanaians are lowkey obsessed with Eggs. We literally eat it with everything under the sun but there’s a limit. Do not go more than one round with the bedevilled egg seller because you might buy everything on her tray and then go bankrupt.

6. Never use all the noodle seasoning if you want your noodles to be edible.


There’s a key lesson in moderation here. Don’t use all the seasoning for your Indomie. It’ll start tasting like garbage.

7. Do not throw away the meat stock

Some of you did not take particular attention to your catering and life skills classes and it shows. The stock which is usually the water got from boiling meat should not be discarded. Always add it to the final stew

8. Jollof n’aime pas de bruit

As the French will say, Jollof n’aime pas de bruit to with Jollof Mp3 Dede. Jollof doesn’t like noise. Don’t announce to the world that you’ll be cooking Jollof. Don’t let Jollof even know you’ll be cooking it because it’ll disgrace you.

Did we miss any rule on the list?? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.





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