9 Ghanaian Altè songs to get you through the last days of April

It’s the last days of April and Lord knows it has been a long month. Thankfully, this weekend is a long one and we know you’re looking forward to having the time of your life. How about a music playlist to get you in the mood? Something new? Something different?

Our suggestion? Something alternative…like Alté music.

Alté music is an African ‘genre’ which draws on western influences of rock, folk, indie and rap sounds and fuses it with African music overtones. When you think Alté music you think about creativity, eccentricity and individuality. Basically, it is what music is meant to be: an expression of emotion.

Here in Ghana, Alté music is still finding it’s footing. It may not be mainstream (yet) but Ghana has some amazing Alté acts that’ll have you grooving to their tracks. We came up with a playlist of Alté pieces that you can vibe to all through these last days of April.

Here are 9 Ghanaian Altè songs to get you through the last days of April.

1. Amaarae – Fancy

Ama Serwah Genfi popularly known as Amaarae is the non-conformer we’ve been waiting for. Between her exposure to different cultures and her innate personality as a disruptor, it is no surprise her sound resonates with us as a Rebel With A Course. If you’re looking for a song to listen to while getting ready for your Friday night out then this track by Amaarae is just suited for you.

2. Marince Omario ft. THE ART – Seke

Maybe you don’t have plans for the weekend. Maybe you just need a break from all of it. Then we got you covered or rather Marince Omario does. This song is that Ghanaian Lo-fi track to listen to if you’re feeling a bit melancholic. So tuck yourself in, get yourself a bottle of cold lager and just chill your weekend with this tune.

3. Tawiah – FAces

Traveling out of town? Going to Ada? Or maybe far West to Busia’s beautiful beaches? Then we’ve found the perfect song as you drive past the hills and hamlets. Tawiah’s Faces is a slow and easy Alté song that provides an introspection on self-awareness. Plus, the visuals are a typic insight into Accra life. A must add to your Alté playlist.

4. Y’Akoto – Without You

International act Y’Akoto has been making music long before Alté the genre even got its name. Nonetheless, Y’Akoto’s Without You is an homage to soul with a Highlife twang that easily places her in our playlist. Her deep, expressive contralto vocals will have you in a daze for days.

5. Moliy – 9 to 5

The beauty of Alté is its ability to meld any sound with African vibes. Looking for a sound that’ll get you hyped for the weekend, then Moliy’s latest single 9-5 is just the banger for you.

6. FOKN Bois ft. Mr. Eazi – True Friends

Pioneers in the Ghanaian Alté scene, FOKN Bois convey everyday and social issues through their distinct sound. Be it through comedic lyrics or grungy visuals, their sound resonates as an anthem. True Friends gives an underground hip-hop vibe with the typical Ghanaian pidgin lyrics which is familiar to the FOKN Bois style.

7. The Band FRA! – 30 Billion

The synergy that this band has is always top notch. The Band Fra! and their new release 30 Billion is a Feel Good/Enjoyment anthem best listened to in the afternoon sun by the beach or poolside with a glass of anything that’ll get you in the buzz.

8. Pure Akan – Obiba J.K (Live)

Pure Akan is what happens when Ghanaian Hiplife, Highlife, Rap and Alté decide to have a polyamourous marriage. His sound is uniquely Akan and yet blends genres while capturing the essence of the Akan culture and tradition with rap set to blues and baselines.

9. Sister Deborah – Uncle Obama

A classic, this one. Sister Deborah gave us one of the most catchy Alté songs Ghana has ever produced. The euphemistic lyrics are simple enough to easily sing along to. If you don’t want to explain to the kids why you want to play with Obama’s Banana, we suggest you bop to this one while they are out of earshot.





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