9 habits you need to cultivate if you want to get things done-According to influencer Eni Oluwa

It’s no secret that one of our favourite Nigerian influencers and content creators of all time is the imitable Eni Adeoluwa a.k.a Eni Oluwa.

From sharing his authentic self,vulnerability and humour to million of followers on the internet to growing a dedicated audience on several platforms, he’s really a big deal.

As an influencer, media/communications specialist, skin care expert, TV Host and the EU Africa ambassador, creating a holistic working and fun environment is vital for his growth and brand hence he’s constantly nurturing himself. This he does by cultivating habits that allow him to get things done effectively and efficiently.

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In a recent twitter, post, Eni outlines the 9 winning habits that has gotten where he is today and as the President of the Gen-Z’s there’s a lot people in age bracket and even older generations can learn from him.

Check out the 9 habits you need to cultivate if you want to get things done according to Eni Oluwa

1. No Fear

I tell myself the worst you can say is NO after that I move on, or I try again. You can’t sha beat me ? and I better live with the knowledge that “I tried” than live with the knowledge of what “it could have been” Ask Them!!!

2. Plan

Eni Oluwa in a planning session

I am a writer, I like to plan, I know who I will collaborate with next week, I know why I want to collaborate with them. I know what I want to do. I plan everything, people who succeed plan things and work towards them.

3. Make Lists

I can make lists for everything, to go to market, to go to school, it’s the easiest way not to forget. So I write it down so that I can always remember. Even if I didn’t get it done this week, I’ll add it to next week list. ??

4. Dream and Dream Big

Why can’t I do it? Those doing it do they have two heads? No. They woke up one day and did it. I don’t limit my dreams o! If I don’t fall above or on it, I won’t fall so far below, so I always oush for the stars!!! ???

5. I battle procrastination as if I dey fight real war!

? It starts from the little things, instead of throwing the trash away, you’ll keep it by your bed and say when I stand up. From there it procrastination creeps in. So I don’t allow it, I say to myself “Eni, Get Up!” ??

6. Be Realistic

I don’t try and set goals that are not for me. I know I can’t blow like Wizkid through music I can’t sing that type of way. My best option to have his type of blow is TV So on my vision board, you may see Oprah, but you may not see Wizkid. I’m being realistic!

7. Drop Your Phone.

Quite Hard but if it’s 1 hour I want to dedicate to reading, I drop my phone. ?? Phone dey distract too much, you’re reading before you know it, you’ve opened Instagram. I don’t deceive myself that I won’t touch it, I drop it far away from me!

8. Friends

Eni Oluwa and a friend gisting

It helps makes tasks interesting, I find a friend with the same drive and we even tick the bucket list off together. ? Everything in this world is easier with people. Sometimes, na dem go push you sef! ?

9. Outsource

I no be machine, even if I can do it, it’s not everything you must do. Outsource somethings to other people. You’ll even be more productive that way, cause as you’re doing one, someone is taking care of the other ones! bath ?? I hope this helps someone out there! ❤️





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