Accra We Dey: 7 Ghanaians share how lending money ruined their friendships

There’s a saying that goes like “the surest way to lose a friend is to loan the money” and in Accra, a lot of folks are taking it another notch.

Coupled with the current economic crisis, graduate unemployment, low salaries and in other instances poor financial discipline, this behaviour is getting worse by the minute.

It’s even gotten to the point where friends have to engage with the help of social media or the police to retrieve their money.

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This week, we chanced on a tweet by Ghanaian artist and prominent social media voice, Orlando Selasi Baeta, on how a friend showed him “Shege Banza” on these Accra streets after he loaned him some cash and his tweet did ignite a flurry of reactions from others who have experienced or are experiencing the same “Wahala”.

We went through the tweets and these 7 Ghanaians share very harrowing experiences that have us relearning lessons on friendship and loans. Check them out

Selasi Baeta

A loan that was supposed to be refunded in 5 days ended up as a 5-month debt. I probably thought, “Why not? It’s just five days.” Fast forward to five long months later, and this is the response I gets from him “ohh yeah”. ???????????? Can you believe it?


5 year ago, a friend took money from me. After expressing frustration about the lack of communication and the pursuit of my friend to refund monies he owed me. Tensions escalated after I called him out for having fun and sharing on his social media without paying me, he defended his stance, emphasizing that money had no bearing on his enjoyment of life. The conversation eventually pivoted to the pressing issue: when will the money be repaid? And he’s still not money and I’m still not over it ????


My friend literally gaslighted via a voice note because I asked for my GHS 150. ????


My friend Hector took GHS 2000 from me and promised to pay. Hector requested for the cash in March and agreed to send it back at 12 the next day. However, as time progressed, I reminded Hector of the need for a swift repayment, echoing the urgency with which Hector originally requested the funds. As of August 2023, he had still not made payment.


My friend took a loan of $3,000 over 4 months ago and all he is telling me are stories. I don’t even know his whereabouts.


A group of our male friends collectively contributed money to help a friend in need to resolve his issues. Each person contributed a minimum amount of 1,000 cedis. However, it has been four months, and the individual who received the assistance has disappeared, leaving all of us contributors in a state of frustration.


One of my friends borrowed money from me with the intention of using it to clear some goods and then pay back. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances including the COVID19 pandemic , things did not go as planned, and I had to waiting for close to a year to get my money back. It was significant part of my savings.





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