Accra We Dey: What your roof style says about the type of neighbourhood you live in

You remember when an old person screamed at you when you were little about throwing stones on his “zingli”, well, to have a zinc layer roofing sheet was expensive, he didn’t need kids making holes on his zinc layered roof.

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Long ago, dried straws were used as roofs by most people.  Today, advanced roofs have become alternatives. The type of roof at your home determines the networth of your neighbourhood.

Here are 5 roof types and the type of neighbourhoods you can find them in

1. Solar tiles

If the houses in your neighbourhood  have solar tiles as roofs, then you’re a dada bee ankasa. These roofs offset energy costs but cost more than other options.

2. Clay and concrete tiles

When you take pictures with this kind of roof behind, The nation’s premiere university comes to mind. Everyone knows you live at or around the University of Ghana.

3. Aluminium sheets (zinc layered)

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These are for hoods that used to be dada bee. If your granddad or dad worked in a good government institution, having this was inevitable. Your hood has lost its dada bee status, but it’s still nice to live in.

4. Metal roof

If most of the houses in your hood have these coloured metal roofs, then you know you’re in a dada bee hood in the making. These roofs are usually found in areas that are now developing and are two to three times more expensive than other roofing.

5. Slate

If your house is slate-roofed, don’t throw stones. If your hood has slate roofs a lot, the sea and a mosque are not too far from you. I don’t have to say it, you know your hood already.

Roofs are important, they protect you and your family and keep you safe and warm. Give thought and care to your roofs. No matter what kind of roof you are using, it is better than living with no roof at all.





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