Artfully spotted: The Weeknd attends Afrogallonism Pioneer’s LA Exhibit

And just when the weekend is just around the corner too. Afrogallonism pioneer Serge Attukwei Clottey has been traveling and exhibiting his art around the world these past few months.

Clottey’s creative form of recycling and repurposing gallons is a novel art form which is fast gaining recognition internationally. And with good reason. The multidisciplinary artist offers another way of seeing our environment, be it an inward glimpse, or a projection of man’s relationship with plastics and nature.

His exhibition stop this week was in Beverly Hills, California. While exhibiting in the 90210, Clottey’s exhibition garnered a star-studded crowd which included Grammy Award-winning artist The Weeknd.

The Weeknd shared the encounter via his official Instagram page.

It’s always a golden sight to witness two profilic artists meeting.

Congratulations, Attukwei Clottey, on your exhibit and your soaring art expressions.





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