Amaarae shares A Body, A Coffin off Black Panther: Wakanda Forever EP.

Yesterday, Amaarae teased fans with the official soundtrack artwork for the sequel to Black Panther on her Twitter. And today, we finally got an aural taste of her silky vocals on the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever EP.

The three-song Wakanda Forever Prologue EP was released by the Disney Music Group in the late hours of Monday (July 25). It features Amaarae’s “A Body, A Coffin”, “Soy” from Santa Fe Klan and a Tem’s cover of Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry,” as heard in the trailer. The three songs are produced by the film’s composer Ludwig Göransson. Listen below. The film’s director Ryan Coogler and Göransson had this to say about the EP.

The sound world for the film began with extended trips to Mexico and Nigeria. We spent our days working with traditional musicians who educated us about the cultural, social and historical contexts of their music. We built a catalogue of instrumental and vocal recordings with them that explored both traditional and non-traditional uses of their musical material. During the nights on these trips, we had recording sessions with contemporary artists who were akin to the characters and thematic material explored in the film. Using the script as a blueprint, along with the recordings from the traditional musicians, we began to build a musical vocabulary for the characters, storylines and cultures.” 

This is a massive win for the Fountain Baby, whose been on the up and up since since release of her international hit Sad Girlz Luv Money (Remix) featuring Kali Ulchis.

For us, we’re are digging, heavily so, the Igbo flute instrumentals in “A Body, A Coffin”. It’s a refreshing to hear such indigenous music echoing in a contemporary sound.

You can listen and fall in love with Amaarae’s “A Body, A Coffin” below.





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