Amoako Boafo sets sky high record as first African to have art launch into space

Ghanaian artist Amoako Boafo has officially made history as the first person to have their art launched into space. He is the first African to have their art launch into space.

This spectacular launch in collaboration with Uplift Aerospace and Blue Origin took place on the 26th of August at the Launch Site One, West Texas. Talk about trendsetting art.

Congratulations to Amoako Boafo on the successful launch of his Suborbital Triptych into space. He continues to make Ghana proud and extols the beauty of his motherland with every piece of his art.

The launch garnered a whole lot of response from people across the world on social media.

Here are 10 positive reactions to Amoako Boafo’s successful art launch into space.


1. Finally.

2. Recovery.

3. No other words.

4. History has been made.

5. Talk about a climatic touchdown.

6. Son of Ghana!

7. He was made for the stars.

8. Stellar.

9. It’s just…spectacular.

10. A clash of philosophies.








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