An icon’s legacy: Bob Pixel Foundation launched

On February 25, 2021, Ghana lost one of its brightest photography talents with the passing of Emmanuel Yeboah Bobbie, popularly known as Bob Pixel. He was 44 years old. Now to honor the late icon, his estate has teamed up with to set up the Bob Pixel Foundation.

Bob Pixel’s lens was one that captured many riveting moments in stasis and the Bob Pixel Foundation hopes to ensure that his legacy continues. Set up as a non-profit, the Bob Pixel Foundation will highlight Bob Pixel’s art and craft process as well as exhibit some of his most quintessential art pieces.

While more information is yet to be made public about the foundation’s set-up, the estate of Bob Pixel wishes to encourage a dialogue on social media regarding the masterful work of Bob Pixel.

Here are ten iconic shots from the lens of the late icon Bob Pixel.

1. Red Ferry

2. View through Bamboo

3. The Edina Women

4. Cut me good

5. Yello, Asafo

6. Durbar

7. Culture dictates

8. Ask K Dei

9. Ladies in Print

10. My motherland

You can find and view more of Bob Pixel’s prolific art on here.





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