Art Attack: Aewuradjoa is the Pencil Lady tracing your favourite celebrities to life with her realistic pencil art

Award-winning contemporary artist Hannah ‘Aewura Arts’ Allotey is turning up Ghana’s realistic portrait scene with her pencil art pieces.

It takes preternatural gift to produce art that look so real that we have to second-guess our eyesight.

Aewura Arts burst on the scene with her realistic pencil art craftsmanship of Ghanaian A-list celebrities. The attention to detail she produces are some of the most beautiful works that we’ve had the pleasure of seeing.

The process can be tedious, but for Aewura Arts, the outcome is a meaningful milestone in every regard. Her pencil art talents has her representing as an ambassador for big brands such as Malta Guinness and Lynx Entertainment.

Aewura Arts says her portraits do not come from a place of comfort. For her comfort zones don’t produce results. She strives to push herself with regards to her art and does not hesitate to encourage artistic ideas from her fans.

While Aewura Arts busies herself in her studio, we can’t deny (yes, because we snooped around her personal IG) that her fashion sense is only second to her jaw-dropping pencil pieces.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B

You want an exhibit C? Of course, you do.

A work of art who works her art. The married mother of two sees her pencil art as not just a hobby fostered from Mfanstiman Secondary School days but also an outlet to express herself while banking on her talents.

In an interview she had with MyStoryMagazine, Aewura Arts stated that it was her liberal parents that encouraged her to take her realistic pencil art as a career.

“I grew up in an expressive environment . Parents were and still are very open minded about stuff. They allow you and support you to be yourself. My career path was greatly influenced by my parents, ” Aewura Arts said. “When my parents did realize my love for drawing they encouraged me. They did take me for drawing competitions , got me pencils and stuff for me to practice.”

Well, thank God for supportive parents, yes?

We absolutely enjoy scrolling through Aewura Art’s IG feed. Viewing her realistic pencil art and the uncanny resemblance to their muses can sometimes be astonishing.

Scroll down to check out realistic pencil art pieces from Aewura Arts.

If you’re ever looking for a signature Aewura Art piece, all you have to do is reach her via her socials and contact below:


Instagram: @aweura_arts
Contact: +233 248537373





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