Art Attack: Ebenezer Dedi’s contemporary portraits will inspire you with 90s Ghanaian nostalgia

Winneba-based artist Ebenezer Edem Dedi’s art pieces are a journey into Ghanaian nostalgia. Surrounded by his paintings in his workshop in Winneba, Dedi’s contemporary paintings strike a balance between the old and present with portraits of Ghanaian simple life.

His recent piece In My Father’s House II is a striking canvas painting that depicts adolescent boys holding on to a car tyre and a handmade catapult- traditional playthings common to many Ghanaian children.

In My Father’s House II by Ebenezer Edem Dedi

Dedi’s portraits reflect a delicate balance between soft glazing and impasto style painting.

Early this year, Dedi had his pieces exhibited at the prestigious Christopher Moller Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa.

Dedi’s portrait treatment of Ghanaian everyday life displays his impressive technical prowess as well as a perspective built on reminiscence on things that were and things are. Truly, a brilliant artist.

Scroll down to peep some of our favorite Edem Dedi contemporary art paintings.

You can view and purchase more of Ebenezer Edem Dedi’s art pieces here.





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