Art spectrum: 12 of Prince Gyasi’s amazing art photographs to colour grade your day

Ghanaian photographer Prince Gyasi is foisting vibrant art on us and we absolutely love it. His photography pieces are digitally enhanced pictures of everyday Ghana-life. The brilliance of the hues in his work carry a certain fantastic edge that wake a vision of an ultraviolet Ghana.

This amazing photographer’s claim to fame started with a camera click of an iPhone! Yes, you read right. An iPhone! Just goes to show it’s not always about the equipment but also the talent and the perspective.

The budding photographer has collaborated with artists such as Joey B, Burna Boy and supermodel Naomi Campbell.

And top brands such as Apple, GQ and Madame Figaro.

He is soon to exhibit his prolific art in collaboration with the NIL Art Gallery, Paris in a series of tours through London to Paris and Miami October through to December. Click here for tour dates and venues.

When he’s not giving us a transcendental outlook of his country, he is enhancing and empowering the lives of creative children in Jamestown, a coastal town in Accra, Ghana. Through the non-profit organisation @boxedkids, Prince Gyasi and his partner Kuukua Eshun, a filmmaker, are working to transform the visions of young Ghanaians.

Here are 12 of Prince Gyasi’s amazing colour grade photographs.

1. Dreaming with Attitude

2. The Brother’s Bond

3. New Deal

4. Restoration

5. The Last One

6. Palliation.

7. Emersion.

8. The 12 Powers

9. Protection II

10. Valeurs

11. Sang et Or

12. Identité





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