As It Was: 8 hair pomades you had to have if you went to a Ghanaian boarding school in the 2000s

Remember when a mineral bottle cost GHS1 only? When you could buy plantain and beans with a GHS2 note? Or when you could get a full pizza for less than GHS50. The good old days.

Well, speaking of the good old days, we’ve been reminiscing about how easy life was back when we were kids.

One of the highlights of our youth is boarding school. In Ghana, Boarding school is practically a rite of passage for almost every teenager. And some of the memories and friends we made while there are lifelong treasures. Getting ready for Entertainment Night, dabbing love quotes from Songs of Solomon, the excitement of inter-competition sports with other schools, the ‘School dey be but Class dey Bore’ mentality; these are just to name a few.

But an aspect of Boarding school in Ghana we easily overlook are the staples that could be found in our trunks and chop boxes. And that’s why in our As It Was series we bring you a generous helping of nostalgia.

For this edition we are highlighting hair pomades that had us looking fly and fabulous with our cropped hair cuts. These 8 hair pomades had the juice and were legendary.

If you had them in your trunk, then you definitely were assured a good hair day.

Here are 8 hair pomades you had to have if you went to a Ghanaian boarding school in the 2000s.

1. SoftSheen Carson Sportin Waves

SoftSheen Carson Sportin Waves

People used to cook their hair just get P. Diddy waves. Some would even wrap their heads in towels for maximum effect. If you had this cream then you were sure to get those wavy curls. P.S. remember how some folk resorted to Keysoap for waves. What a time to be alive.

2. Dax Pomade

Dax Bergamot Pomade

All you had to do was slather a generous helping of Dax and your hair would shine all day. And that sweet yet minty smell of it gave you extra points.

3. Virgin Hair Fertiliser

Virgin Hair Fertiliser

Some of us just didn’t have hair. Don’t blame us. Blame our genes. But if there was a remedy we all could agree on then it was Virgin Hair Fertiliser’s ability to get you the bushy crown of hair you wanted. Sadly, the House Master or Mistress would always find away to chomp it off with their scissors. Trauma.

4. Kurl-Out

Kurl-Out hair pomade

The Kofi Brokeman’s sportin waves. We don’t care. It got the job done. It’d take a while to get those waves but then we had three whole terms anyway. No worries.

5. Chamber’s Chapter 2000

Chamber’s Chapter 2000

The ladies loved this one. It got your hair growing, smelling fresh and plus it took care of dead skin that caused scalp itching. Chapter 2000 was that champion.

6. Jeba Naturals

Jeba Naturals

Remember when some people used to say this one had weed in it? That was a testament of how great of a hair growth cream this one was. Plus it was one of those pomades that was easy on the pocket.

7. Apple Hair Treatment

Apple Hair Treatment

You couldn’t go to a barbering shop without this one. And that was enough to give credence to how popular and effective this pomade was. It smelt great, kept your hair moist and added the extra sheen for that glossy look. This pomade needs to be awarded as a national treasure. That fruity smell alone. No size!

8. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

Vaseline Petroleum Jelly

The multi-purpose savior. Harmattan couldn’t even dare. You couldn’t go to school without Vaseline. It was an essential. Hair? Knees? Toes? This one did it all. It’s no surprise that it’s stayed on the market this long.





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