Battle of the sexes: do men love the chase?

Yet another Twitter post has riled up the forever battle between the sexes.

Lately it feels like almost everything has become fair in love and war. If ever there was a Battle of the Sexes virtual platform then it would certainly be Twitter. Almost everyone on the platform seems ready to “agend” an agenda at any given time

The microblogging platform is home to some of the most polarized and also nuanced personal views on the Internet. We suppose so much difference is what makes us so alike.

Likeness aside, a Twitter post today generated a buzz between the sexes in regarding courtship and relationships. A Twitter handle by name @_lawslaw which went along the lines of how men that chase a woman incessantly after she refuses his affections tend to have ulterior or lustful motives.

Some of the comments were funny and some also downright acerbic. Check for your self. Do men really love the chase?

Here are 10 Twitter reactions.





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