benefits of co-sleeping with your baby


Co-sleeping means you share a bed with your baby. The new baby can share a bed with both parents, sleep in a crib in the same room as the parents or a crib is attached to the mother’s side of the bed. Unlike western cultures, co-sleeping with your baby is normal in other cultures. In Africa, it is considered irresponsible to have your baby sleep in a different room. Having the baby by you feels secure. Co-sleeping with your newborn has its benefits.

Improves sleep time
Sleep time Is improved since there is no need for mum or dad to wake up. Get out of bed and walk to another room to attend to the crying baby.

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Breastfeeding becomes easier
All you have to do is to turn or sit up to feed your baby. The baby will find your breasts themselves after some months. They’ll wake up and just crawl up to serve themselves.

young mother breastfeeding a baby lying in bed.

Easy monitoring
It’s easier to monitor the baby if the baby is sick or gets sick in the night. Babies are at a lower risk of Sudden Death Syndrome when they sleep in the same room with their parents.


Space and cost
For families with smaller spaces, this is the best option. You do not have to prep a new room for your baby, your baby just co-sleep with you in moves in with an older sibling when he or she is old enough. You save some cash from not buying a baby monitor or installing cameras in the baby’s room.

baby’s cot in master bedroom.

Prevents child falling from bed
There have been many camera captured instances where a baby tries to climb out of the crib and falling down. When the baby shares space with you, they wake up seeing you and do not see the need to climb out of bed to look for you. Your baby is safer by your side.

mom and baby co-sleeping. source: today’s parent

Co-sleeping is a great bonding experience. It’s a great feeling waking up from the light chuckles of your baby and seeing them smile or stare at you.


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