Berla Mundi and YartelGh collaborate on a red hot fashion campaign.

Valentine’s week is almost done but we are still taking score of some of the red highlights. And red and high up the bar is the collaboration celebrity journalist Berla Mundi and fashion House Yartel Gh dropped on us this week.

Yartel Gh never fails to exercise haute threads in their creations. And with a muse like Berla Mundi? The result is scorching fierce.

We absolutely adore the elegant trains, the tapers that accentuate Berla’s dainty figure and those raffles! Oh Lord, those crimson raffles. Yartel Gh has outdone it again. Our verdict? Absolute 10/10. All the three Rs: regnant, red, royalty! Hands down.

Scroll Berla Mundi and Yartel Gh’s red hot fashion collab below.





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