BPStyle: 12 times Wiyaala showed us why she’s Ghana’s Afrocentric Queen of fashion

When you hear the name ‘Wiyaala’ what comes to your mind? Her 2014 smash hit ballad Leno (This Place), her love for Africa or maybe her or her iconic presence? We can’t speak for you but for us it’s definitely her personal fashion style. Wiyaala’s Afrocentric fashion style is a blend of Sissala (her ethnic culture) with an over-arching Afropunk esthetic. And the Rock My Body Afropop singer has infused all that Northern Ghana flavour and fiery spice into her music. She doesn’t mince words with her identity and culture. The chic of it all.

Wiyaala is edgy, feisty, here and loud and that’s what Afrocentrism is all about- not making a statement but being the Statement.

Wiyaala is one of few African artistes we consider as having a deep understanding of the power of fashion. And she never fails to use this power to promote her culture. Her looks always serve visuals of the African identity and style. Whether with her hair do choices, her OOTDs, stage costumes and even accessories, Wiyaala represents Afrocentrism and does it richly. African textile fabrics, beaded accessories, blending traditional outfits with Western casuals and the hair. Oh, her hair! We’ve never seen anyone do so much versatile and glorious hairstyles with their hair.

Wiyaala is absolutely Ghana’s Afrocentric queen of fashion. Doubt us?

Scroll down below to view 12 times Wiyaala showed us why she’s Ghana’s Afrocentric Queen of fashion.





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