Best movies to watch on Netflix Africa this weekend.

Netflix offers some of the most diverse cinema offerings you could want. From horror to comedy and drama to documentaries, there is so much to watch for you and yours. The streaming platform boasts thousands of movies, documentaries and TV shows from every continent.

Centering on Africa, Netflix provides some of the most thrilling action and drama-fuelled content from countries such as Nigeria, South Africa, Zambia and Ghana. Entertainment through the African camera lens just gets better and better with Netflix Africa.

If you like to spend your weekends at home refueling from the working week’s burnout then these titles are just what you need.

Here are 7 of the best African movies on Netflix Africa you need to watch this weekend

1. The Burial of Kojo

This Ghanaian surreal piece of cinema delves into mysticism with a plot that follows Esi on a journey led by dreams and visions to save her father. The artisitic movie is directed by renowned musician and director Blitz “The Ambassador” Bazawule and includes Cynthia Dankwa and Ama K Abebrese in the cast.

2. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind

This Malawian-shot and Nigerian-directed movie follows Malawian inventor William Kamkwamba. This movie dramatizes how the young inventor used scraps to build wind turbines that generated electricity for his family in rural Malawi. If you’re looking to be inspired then this is a great watch for you.

3. The Figurine

Ramsey Nouah, Funlola Aofeyibi-Raimi and Kunle Afolayan lead this Nigerian cast in this supernatural thriller. Basically the plot follows two friends who discover a charmed figurine. This figurine promises seven years of good luck. But there’s always a catch in the fine print and things take a drastic series of unfortunate turns for the friends after the seven years. The cinematography is spectacular in The Figurine and is only second to the performances the main characters deliver. If you want an enthralling story then it’s The Figurine.

4. Baxu and the Giants

This movie sheds a light on Rhino poaching in Namibia in a riveting story. The movie is short and though it uses a young cast to sensitize on the happenings in the Namibian countryside, the message is deftly carried across. The effects of poaching is dramatized in this movie by a cast that includes Camilla Jo-Ann Daries, Robert Gaeb and Steven Afrikaner. If you’re a lover of wildlife like we are then you’ll enjoy this.

5. Azali

This movie will pull at your heartstrings. Ghana’s first-ever submission at the Oscar’s Best Feature Film, presents the tragic story of Amina. Amina a young girl who is betrothed at a young age. Running away from the North to Accra, the capital, Amina become a sex worker in a slum in order to survive. The movie has a rich cast from the Golden Age of Ghanaian cinema; Akofa Adjeani, Adjetey Anang and young protagonist Asana Alhassan.

6. Catch Feelings

This South African romance presents the complexities of relationships. Max is a university lecturer whose is dating Sam, together they are an inseparable duo in Joburg. Until the couple are drawn into the predominantly white circles of White South Africa. Their ideals, values and relationship is tested. And maybe love isn’t enough to keep two people who love each other together.

7. King of Boys

We can’t have a list of best movies on Netflix Africa without the widely acclaimed hit King of Boys. The director of The Wedding Party brings us something less light-hearted in the reel of King of Boys. Kemi Adetiba brings to audiences Alhaja Eniola Salami, a ruthless and ambitious political godmother with aspirations of higher station Nigeria’s governance. She will do whatever it takes to reach her goals. Even if it means burning down bridges and perhaps even losing all that she loves.

This two hour masterpiece is definitely a great watch for the weekend. And Yoruba actress Sola Sobowale is worth all her laurels with her performance in King of Boys. King of Boys has a prequel series also streaming on Netflix Africa.





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