These local spots are the best places to view a Sunrise and Sunset in Ghana.

Ghana has some of the most picturesque spots in the Sub-Saharan region. From lush laurel woodlands like Atiwa Forest to safari-like flatlands in Shai Hills. There is so much to do if you are looking to be wanderlust.

Aside from being beautiful there is something about witnessing a sunrise that creates a sense of well-being. Of course, the health benefits of soaking the early morning Vitamin D is also an added bonus.

Sunsets are tranquil and Instagram-able. They illustrate a feeling comparable of serenity; as if bearing witness to a simple yet all-important part of the Universe at play.

Today, we share with you the best places to experience the beauty of a Ghanaian sunrise and sunset.

Sunrise: Anyako-Kpota, Volta Region

Anyako is a small town bordered to the south by the Keta Lagoon. It is filled with lush greenery and littered with small waterbodies since it is a flatland. This place brings you one of the most beautiful sunrises in the world.

Bear witness to a tangy sunrise that will make you feel bright and yellow.

Sunset: Cape 3 Points, Western South Region

Forming the southernmost tip of Ghana, Cape Three Points is located between the coastal village of Dixcove and town of Princes Town. The road there is terrible but your destination is a place that holds history and a magical scenery. Apart from the eighty-three year old lighthouse, Cape 3 Points is the place to be at dusk.

Here you can relish in a calming pink sunset streaking streaking the skies cast over the crashing waves of the sea. Plus, there is lots to do such as surfing and enjoying the local seafood restaurants. Enjoy your stay and sunset view here.





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