Beyoncé (not the Grammy-award winner) is trending and here is why.

Remember Beyoncé? No, not the Blue Ivy’s momma. We mean Beyoncé: The President Daughter, the movie that shook a continent.

Many Ghanaian millenials grew up listening to Beyonce but when it came to watching her, well, that was an entirely different experience. Beyoncé was and is a cult Ghana movie classic directed by legendary movie director Frank Rajah Arase. It featured Nadia Buari in the titular role. It had Jackie Appiah and Yvonne Okoro, both actresses as Ciara (Yvonne made her appearance in part 2 Face-Off style). For the love interest it had Van Vicker in the role of Raj. The melodrama, the acting, the memories.

Beyonce was an iconic part of the Silver Age of Ghanaian cinema. And we are glad it did not get slept on. Twitter, just like us, remembered just how good a movie Beyoncé: the President’s Daughter is. A whole thread about it was floating across the Twitter timeline and we had to share some of the funniest comments around it.

Here are 10 funny and nostalgic tweets about Beyoncé: The President Daughter.

Well, you don’t have to miss her too much. You can always take a long watch of her and everyone else in Beyoncé: The President’s Daughter right here on YouTube.





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