Bishop Kwame Amfo, Celebrity Chef and entrepreneur is our inspirational man of the week

Meet our MCM (Man Crush Monday), Bishop Kwame Amfo-Akonnor. In case you’re looking for some expert advice on how to start a food business, look no further than this celebrity chef, food consultant and UN Goodwill ambassador

At age 22, while still pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Bishop followed his passion and started his business, Biishville, a blend of his name Bishop and Ville (which means city or town in French). Quite creative if you asked us.

As the owner of “Biishville,” a cooking company specializing in pop-up dining and private chef services, Bishop has made a name for himself in the culinary world.

Recently, he was spotted in a viral video with host Jamaal Patterson-Bennett on The Venture Room where he shared some valuable insights into the food industry.

When asked about his success in the business, Bishop humbly revealed that he not only operates as a chef but also owns other hospitality businesses, including a bar and a takeout spot, establishing himself as a multifaceted entrepreneur in the culinary scene.

During the interview, Jamaal Patterson-Bennett inquired about the viability of starting a food van.

“A food van is definitely a great place to start. For me, I started doing pop-ups and I invited a few people.


He also shared his own journey and how he invited a select group of people to his living room. (FYI, he invited us to one of his first popups way back in 2016 and we enjoyed the experience )

There, he would set up a delightful dining experience, serving 5 to 6-course meals and creating an intimate atmosphere.

Through these pop-ups, Bishop gradually built his reputation and expanded his reach, cooking for notable personalities.

Some of the famous figures that Bishop has cooked for include Idris Elba and his family, Mrs Rebecca Akuffo Addo, Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall, Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter Inc.), and World Bank executives.

The interview generated a wave of praise from Ghanaians and beyond. Comments poured in from individuals like Nadia Gymiah, King Of Night Life in Accra, Kwame Goka, and Nigerian visual storyteller Asiyami Gold, expressing their admiration for Bishop’s achievements.

Another user wrote, “I have yet to meet a Ghanian that’s rude, lazy or not resourceful. They are all kind, soft-spoken, hard-working and very determined. Maybe I have not met enough to generalise, but so far, I think they come from a culture that fosters/enables those values. I would love to know and learn more about Ghana ????????”

When it comes to his favourite dishes to cook, Bishop has a range of mouthwatering creations, including Mpotompto with Swag, Coconut Rice and Mushroom Miya, Riceballs and Groundnut Soup, Pasta with Alfredo, and Traditional Chicken Curry.

In addition to his culinary prowess, Bishop has made significant contributions outside the kitchen. He was announced as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, in December 2020. His work with UNHCR has helped raise awareness and support for people forced to flee their homes.

When he’s not busy in the kitchen, Bishop can be found at Luna Rooftop Bar @SOHO in the Airport City, Accra, where he runs the show.

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He also owns The Ugly Chef, a takeout eatery nestled inside one of Accra’s popular clubs, Twist NightClub.

The Ugly Chef according to its social media profile provides restaurant-style takeout food, allowing diners to experience gourmet dishes with a street-style twist.

Creativity and the entrepreneurial spirit runs in his family, as his elder brother Kwadwo Amfo is also a renowned photographer and director based in the Netherlands.

Throughout his career, Bishop Amfo has gained recognition on various media platforms, including BBC World and the Food Network.

His services have taken him to numerous countries across Europe, Asia, and Africa, where he has delighted diners with his culinary creations.

Bishop and his friend, Kidi at an event

So, if you’re aspiring to start your own food business, take notes from the one and only Bishop Amfo, our inspirational man of the week.

His journey, expertise, and dedication to his craft are sure to inspire and guide you on your own culinary adventures.





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