In Ghana, black Friday is that time of the year when vendors offer steep discounts to kick off the holiday season. In Ghana, it falls on the last Friday of November.

Who coined black Friday?

This term was coined by police officers in Philadelphia who could not take the day off and had to work long shifts the day after thanksgiving. Large crowds came to town on that day and created traffic jams and shoplifting chances. The term was used sarcastically by the police but became widespread eventually.

Black Friday globally

Black Friday is now celebrated in countries across the globe. Mexicans call it El Bin Fin, which means the good end. It is called White Friday in the UAE.

Black Friday in Ghana

most ghanaians are questioning the importance of black Friday in Ghana, with majority saying it is just a scam and pointless. Here is what some ghanaians have to say about black Friday. @eberechiiii @_owula @the_law_himself

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