Black Sherif and Burnaboy tease a snippet of Second Sermon Remix

Black Sherif and Burnaboy just teased us with a snippet of the collaboration for Second Sermon Remix. Black Sherif is without a doubt the breakout artist of 2021. His hit songs First and Second Sermon have become the street anthem that gets you pumped.

And now Burnaboy has jumped into the booth for Black Sherif’s Second Sermon Remix. The Grammy award-winning artist first posted some few weeks ago a video of him vining to original release.

Fast forward to today, Black Sherif posted on his Twitter a snippet of Burnaboy’s verse on Second Sermon Remix.

This is a big win for Black Sherif who has stated how much of an influence African Giant hit artist has been on his own music craft.

Here are 10 reactions to Black Sherif and Burnaboy’s Second Sermon Remix.

1. The word goes international.

2. Please, sadness is the brand.

3. And higher.

4. At all.

5. Massive.

6. He carry come deda.

7. Damn right.

8. Bigger.

9. To the world.

10. They need to know.


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