5 Body Language tips that will boost your confidence

Confidence is an endearing trait. Sometimes it can be perceived as pride or worse, as vanity. However, in every facet of our life, being confident gets you recognized and remembered.

The trick is to find the right balance between having your head held high (which is great) or your shoulders held high (which is not so great). Nobody likes a cocky person but we sure can appreciate a confident person.

With confidence it isn’t about what you say but how you are perceived. How you carry yourself and the things you do are all indicative of the sort of person you are. Cue in the topic of Body Language.

What is Body Language?

Body Language is the conscious or unconscious postures or movements by which feelings, thoughts or characteristics are expressed.

Body Language can be used to read behavioural tendencies and in extreme instances used to forecast a person’s actions or decision-making capabilities.

Body Language is vital if you want to build your confidence.

Here are 5 Body Language tips that will build your confidence.

1. Eye Contact.

Avoiding eye contact is usually seen as an expression of guilt or fear. People who usually avoid eye contact during conversations are sometimes considered meek or uninterested in said topic.

One can assert confidence by keeping eye contact. The stronger your eye contact the more authority you will demand.

2. Slow down.

Take your time when articulating your thoughts or feelings. Speaking in a bluster is considered a sign or anxiety or low confidence. Practice by taking deep breaths and taking pauses between sentences or phrases.

This will give you a confidence boost and also allow you to think while expressing yourself.

3. Control your hands.

You may not realize it but confidence can sometimes be read by your hand movements. Being fidgety or excessive elaborate can be used to read your mood, and used against you.

Control your hand gestures by being expressive when talking on positive issues and doing less movements when expressing anger or dissatisfaction.

4. Avoid your pockets.

Putting your hands in your pockets diminish your presence. Especially in a room full of people. Try as much as possible to have your hands out of your pocket or either holding something (a beverage will do).

One hand in your pocket with your other held aloft during conversations is a great way to express confidence.

5. Posture.

Posture is one of the most definitive ways by which people determine a person’s confidence factor. Regardless of how you are feeling, your posture needs to be strong if you want to exude confidence.

Shoulders back, chest slightly out and head held high is a strong way of expressing confidence. You can also workout your shoulder and back muscles to strengthen your posture.





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