Boujee On A Budget : 5 Places to eat out in Accra with a GHS 100 budget

Bad news: 1st July is no longer a public holiday. However, this never stopped Ghanaians from having a good- GOOD time.

Accra is stay by plan and stay by plan is the plan this week. Payday was a few days ago but we are still looking tentatively at our mobile money balance with our hands on our chest. By force, we have all become economists. 

But once in a while after boiling in Accra’s oven-heat and stressful traffic you deserve to what? Treat yourself! In this economy? On this salary? In this Accra?

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Please, ladies and gentlemen, whether you want to Latin it with carpe diem or abbreviate it with YOLO, we beg treat yourself once in a while. 

Luckily enough, we got you covered with some cool spots where you can have a real good time on a budget.

These are 5 places you can eat out with a budget of GHS₵100! Or less! For two because some of you are broke and dating too. 

1. Koffee Lounge (ANC Shopping Center), Jungle Avenue

Quality meets quantity here. Let’s be bougie a bit with our budget. Start with a glass of red wine for a cool GHS₵12 each to compliment the Koffee Lounge Special Jollof which goes for a cool GHS 32 and add some spicy variety with their GHS 30 Pan-Fried Noodles with beef.  

2.Duncan’s Pub, Oxford Street- Osu

Source: migrationology

Some Chinese like that, some local like that. Duncan’s is a hidden spot in the back alley of Accra’s popular Oxford Street. They have been in the business of serving authentic Ga banku and grilled tilapia for over a decade. So they know their business paa. Shitolo here ranges from GHS15 to GHS 40, depending on how deluxe the grilled tilapia is. It is only wise to get a drink on standby here. Their pepper is sun-hot!  

3. Ramakos, Adjacent GCB Dome Branch


This restaurant serves special fried rice loaded with strips of chicken, beef and liver for a cool GHSS35. It is also a favourite spot for watching midweek league matches. 

4. Veggies and Grills Restaurant, Atomic Hills Estate Street 

Still in the vicinity, how about veering to Veggies and Grills?  Thyme flavoured fries with tenderly-marinated grilled chicken for a cool GHS₵30 will get you smacking your lips. Their assortment of cocktails and slushies range from GHS 20 to GHS 30 and they pack a punch that will wake up your ancestral lineage. Yes, brain freeze libation has been served. They also tend to have visiting performances from underground acts on Friday and Saturday nights so it is definitely a vibe. 

5. Eddy’s Pizza, Dansoman

How about something familiar? Something quaint? For GHS 80 you could get a large gourmet Meat or Vegetarian Lovers pizza with a milkshake of your choice. If it’s a Tuesday or Wednesday you could even get an extra pizza or a discount. Just be sure to remember us when you’re enjoying. 





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