BP Weddings: View magical moments from Ama and Ed’s #theayyrianxperience wedding

It is official. Mad-over-each-other couple Ama and Ed have officially tied the knot. The couple even had a website detailing their love story and their happily ever after that’s yet to come. You can check out the website here.

Dubbed #theayyrianxperience, the fairy tale event took place over the weekend at the Maaha Beach Resort. The newly-weds first had their engagement in a lush private venue in Aburi last month and followed with a coastal wedding at the Maaha Beach Resort. The scene, the music, the pageantry and pomp of their engagement was a breath-taking experience second only to their white wedding.

Ama was an absolutely exquisite bride in her Sadia Sanusi bespoke kente dress for her engagement and a white silk gown topped with a crystal diadem for her white wedding. Ed came through looking all dapper and suave first in traditional gentleman kente and then in a sartorial velvet tux. The ambience and sheer love surrounding this couple as they committed to each other for the rest of their lives has us deep in our feels.

PHOTO @edcyprian @amayirebi @eyyprianexperience

Mr. And Mrs. Cyprian’s nuptials was truly a bookmark of Ghana’s best weddings. Keep scrolling to enjoy the magical moments and wedding photos from the #theayyprianxperience love story.

Enjoy the beautiful photos and love story below.

The Proposal

The Bride’s Smize

Mrs. Ama Ayirebi-Cyprian – The Bride

Mr. Ed Cyprian (The Groom) and his Groomsmen

Prayers for the Bride

The Bride’s Entrance

The Maids of Honor & Groomsmen Procession

The Couple

The Culture Factor

More of the couple

The Engagement Photoshoot

The Couple’s Dance

The Bridesmaids’ Portrait

The White Wedding Invitation

The Wedding Grounds

The Bride’s essentials

The Gown Photoshoot

More Gown Photoshoot Reels

The Bride and the Mother of the Bride

The Bridesmaids White Wedding Procession

The Bride’s walk

Newly-weds Mr. and Mrs. Cyprian

The Bride and the Groomsmen

More of the newly weds

Kojo Antwi performing during the couple dance

An artwork to commemorate #theayyrianexperience

The Couple’s Carnivale Entrance at the Reception Party

The Reception Bonfire Party


Bride: @amaayirebi
Groom: @edcyprian
Gown: @saadiasanusi
Styling: @debbs_bjuku
Makeup: @mzl4wson
Event Creative Direction: @ayrianco
Planning and Coordination: @events_with_bianca @funsations_





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