#BPPlaylistfortheWeekend: 15 feel good songs to bump to this weekend.

Thank God it’s Feel Good Friday! And Lord knows, after the week you’ve had you need good vibes all around.

There’s nothing more painful than food falling off your plate. Especially a freshly cooked one. Or maybe it’s rain on your wedding day? Or just looking at current business news about the economy. #Sigh.

Sometimes it feels like you just can’t catch a break. Lately, it feels like no one can really. But at least we’ve got music and we’ve got life to celebrate. It’s time for good vibes. It’s time to feel good, and these songs are guaranteed to lift your mood. (You’ll like them even if you’re already feeling good, too.)

Here are 15 Feel Good Songs to start your weekend.

“Dance Tonight” by Lucy Pearl

The nostalgia off this single is just what the Doctor ordered. This pre-party jam is the kind of feel good sound you blast as you get ready for night full of laughter, heart racing and body pumping. Get ready to dance (if not spend a lot of money tonight).

“Happy” by The Band FRA!

The Band FRA! are one of Ghana’s musical treasures for any given day. The literally play nothing but positivity. If you need a refuel of good vibes that it’s definitely their song Happy.

“Love is Back” by Celeste

Oh, the vocals. The instrumentals. The energy. Enjoy this powerful message in song by Celeste. No matter how bad it gets, love comes back.

“FunMi Lowo” by Aramide ft. Sir Dauda

Aramide said it best. “I no come this life to just suffer.”

“Yasha Imizi” by Claudio X Kenza ft. Mpumi

There’s something wholesome and lifting about Mpumi’s voice- so silky and tender. It’s the perfect antidote for pulling yourself out of the blues.

“Tom and Jerry” by Kojo Antwi

What’s better than love? The chase for it, is what! This classic from the legendary Kojo Antwi is always a song that’ll have you stepping. Plus, the music video is one of the most inventive pieces of art we’ve in Ghanaian music videos. Start dancing.

“Tell Me” by Groove Theory

You know its gold when you can listen to it after decades and it still feels brand new.

“Safe and Sound” by Capital Cities.

No matter how tough it gets, this feel good song just reminds you that we’ll be alright.

“Fire on the Mountain” by Asa

What’s a Feel Good playlist without the soul-soothing Asa? Oya, start bobbing your head and tapping your feet to the mountain top.

“Family Affair” by Mary J. Blige

Get yourself ready to start stepping into the weekend in this dancery! A classic for the ages, Mary J. Blige knew what she was giving.

“Good times/Problemz” by Jungle

Is it the music? The dancing? The choreo? Or maybe it’s just the sheer joy that you feel emanating from this video? Either way, this song is an absolute vibe for your weekend.

“Feel the Love” by Rudimental ft. John Newman

I feel the nostalgia, can you feel it too?

“Latch” by Disclosure ft. Sam Smith

This is one of those feel good songs that you can never really get tired off. Absolutely timeless.

“No Away” by Becca ft MI

Going out of town this weekend? Then you’ll need this old but gold tune by Becca on blast. What a way to relish your weekend.

“Can’t take my eyes off of you” by Lauryn Hill

This song sounds like dancing in the rain or playing hopscotch in the sun. Lauryn did her thing.

Photo credit: Photo by Andrea Piacquadio





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