Brand names you probably pronounce wrongly


When people have difficulty in pronouncing a name, they try to shun from having to mention it. When customers get lost at how to pronounce a brand’s name, they do not really push to talk about the company’s product. Although a brand’s name does not necessarily mean failure, it is challenging for the market to drive your product when your product name is difficult to pronounce. The market tries not to share it if it can say it. This might help you want some brands you love but shy away from because of their names;

NEW-TELL-UH, not nuh-tell-uh

AIR-MEZ not her-meez

OO-BLOW not hub-lot

REN-OH not ren-olt

EVE SAN LOH-RON not eves saint loh-rent

VO-KS VAR-GUN not folks wag-en

NI-KEY, not nyke


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