Camidoh’s Hits Never Miss. Here Are 8 of His Best Songs.

Around here we like to call Raphael “Camidoh” Kofi Attachie the King of Ghana Blues. The hitmaker broke out with For My Lover three years ago and has since then given us nothing but hit and no misses. From features, live performances to remixes, Camidoh continues to impress on us why his music deserves its top spot in our phone’s Afropop playlist.

Here are 8 songs that prove Camidoh is a hitmaker.

For My Lover

For My Lover was released in 2018 and whipped up Ghana girls’ hearts. It’s a serenading song with the persona addressing all the love, material or otherwise, he can’t wait to shower over his love once he catches his big break. If you’re courting that special lady then this is the song you want in the background.


If you wear your heart on your sleeve like Camidoh does in this track then you know you gotta ask her some special questions before the leap of love. I mean, don’t come and yawa us after we simp for you, Babe.

The Best

This jam gives us the Afrobeat feel that always sits well with us on a weekend visit to the beach. Sun setting, shoes in one hand and the other interlocked in your babe’s. Simply the best.


OH-EM-Gee! Mariaaaaaa, Mariaaaaaa! We don’t know who she is but she’s the first woman in a song being likened to a millipede and it still sounds sexy.

Find Me

The intro, the chorus, the bridge. A Feel Good song that feels utterly good.

Hot Pursuit

Camidoh’s vocals are silky as always. Each lyric drips like honey but that’s not not our favourite part of this track. It’s the ululating at the start in the back. It’s so ethnic- so tribal and when he goes into Ewe at the chorus? His voice becomes earthy; you just know this is a testimony.

Midoh Blues

Light the scented candles, dim the lights, play this tune. It’s time for the games best played in the bedroom.


OK, at this point, we need to add Mr. Steal Your Girl to Camidoh’s aliases. This song has all the baddies melting in the club’s lounge. Yes, even the hardened fellas as the back know what time it is when this tune comes on.





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