#Chalewote22: 22 Ghana Twitter highlights from Chale Wote 2022

For twelve years, the fishing town of Jamestown in Accra’s has celebrated authentic Ghanaian art, music and culture. The Chale Wote Street Art Festival unites a charming blend of artlovers to witness Afro-surreal performances and exhibitions from remarkable creatives from all over the world annually. And while the festival has been on hiatus due to Covid circumstances, we are glad to witness Chale Wote return and with a bang!

The year’s festival (August 15-21) was no less of an attraction. Bringing in over 40,000 people, the just ended week-long Chale Wote 2022 was a highlight of this year in culture and art. The festival, which targets exchanges between local and international artists and patrons centered alternative art forms from visual, audio and performative.

This year’s theme ‘Stargate to Africa’ drew indigenous artistic expressions into an interaction with orature; a probing that re-centers perceptions of what constitutes collectivity and power. Stargate to Africa represents a shift from the mechanical understanding of African super natural beliefs and ritual, to viewing them as frameworks of political thought.

The festival featured art from local and internationally-recognized artists Adetey Mayne, Brazilian muralist Luna Bastos, Hamid Nortey, Nicoholas Tetteh Wayo, performance artiste Martin Toloku and a group exhibition by Ghanaian art collective Afuabe. 

The throngs that attended Chale Wote 2022 were entertained by the sounds of musicians Friday Night hitmaker Lasmid, Ouagadogou based band Faso Djarabi, Chief One, Zantou Lansre from Chad and Ghanaian Lolo Funk band Sylence.

If you missed out on Chale Wote 2022: Stargate to Africa then we’ve got you covered with some highlights.

Scroll below to view highlights from Chale Wote 2022 as seen on Ghana Twitter.





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