Check out the best reactions to Anita Akuffo’s gorgeous faux maternity Twitter post

Ghanaian media personalities get a lot of attention. And what better way to get the country’s attention with a bun in the oven.

On Christmas Eve, media personality Anita Akuffo decided to share some positive(?) news with Ghana. Yes, that’s right. The gorgeous Anita Akuffo posted a photo of her very pregnant self.

While many presume her photo is in reference to the Virgin Mary, we cannot deny that Anita just took our breath away with how great she looks.

Comments on Twitter were just as blown with the surprise as we were, leaving the sweetest and funniest reactions. See them below!

Pregnant or no, Anita looks absolutely radiant and we love to see it.

You can see more of Anita Akuffo on Date Rush as viewed on TV3.





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