Check out these coconut oil hacks you probably didn’t know about

Nowadays, it’s difficult to get away from the coconut oil craze. It’s in food. It’s in cake. And even in coffee. And while it is filled with saturated fats (which aren’t the best for your diet), coconut oil has other benefits that are usually overlooked. Yes, coconut oil can be used for other things other than deep-frying hot, doughy buff loaf.

There are different benefits that a bottle of coconut oil can do for you. Benefits that you probably didn’t know about. For example, coconut oil works just fine as a mouth wash. Yes, you read right, a mouth wash!


Coconut Oil is not only healthy but packed with acids that are great on hair and skin. The following novel applications for coconut oil may just be the beauty and wellness hack that your body needs.

View 4 of these applications for coconut oil from below.

1. To improve oral health

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Patients with gum issues or plaque excess can utilize the coconut oil pulling method as a treatment option. This method involves rinsing coconut oil around in the mouth to wash out plaque, tooth cavities and also heal gums.

2. As a natural remedy for yeast infections

This traditional remedy involves using coconut oil to treat burns and infections. The medium-chain unsaturated fats in coconut oil have been shown to aid in the destruction of Candida, the fungus that causes yeast diseases.


3. As a treatment for foot rot/athlete’s foot.

The lauric and caprylic acid properties in coconut oil are a great treatment against the fungi that cause foot rot. It’s advisable to grease your feet with coconut oil every night to prevent the fungi growth. An added benefit is that it keeps your feet hydrated and prevents your skin from cracking.

4. As a natural remedy for acne and eczema

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Lauric acid, which is plentiful in coconut oil and has antibacterial and antifungal properties, helps battle skin microorganisms. The boundary of your skin, which fills in as your body’s preliminary line of security against contamination, might be fixed utilizing coconut oil’s saturating properties. Research has also shown that coconut oil has anti-inflammatory properties. Meaning, you coconut oil may shield the skin from UV rays, and may improve the skin’s natural function.

Be sure to slather some coconut oil on your skin the next time you choose to step out. Your skin will thank you for it.





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