Christmas in Ghana;Takoradi.

Christmas in Takoradi is filled with so much fun. The Ankos festival is what they are well known for. This festival is celebrate from 24-26 of December with its main attraction being people dressed in colorful outfits, playing music, and dancing .

Popular masquerade groups during these times are Ankos, Unity, Holy Cities, Cosmos, Iron fighters and Nyanta boys.

ladies at the masquerade.

Masquerade groups parade the streets with brass bands, singing and dancing to various songs being played. This parade has no age limit, old and young people passionate about the festival come together to celebrate this festival.

masquerade parade

With this festival coming off, measures have been put in place to ensure masqueraders are vaccinated to enjoy the festival without fears on Covid-19 infections. The Western regional health directorate has made provision fro the vaccination of the about 45 masquerade groups.

covid-19 vaccine

There are good rate hotels and vacation rentals available for patrons of this festival. Visit Takoradi this December and enjoy the fun in a way cooler mask.

children at the parade.

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