5 Perfect Ghanaian Christmas gift ideas

Aside the rice, chicken, Danish cookies, drinks and oil, Christmas gift ideas can be hard to come across. The number of people you have to buy gifts for increase by the year. how many people do you have to actually buy gifts for and what gift ideas do you have in mind? Let me help you out;

Be like my good friend Nathan, give money. People love money, they can do a lot with money. Trust me, they’ll be grateful than you ever imagined. You can’t go wrong with money.

Ghana cedi notes

If you don’t feel alright giving out money, gift out gift cards from big supermarkets so the receivers shop items of their choice.

shoprite gift cards.

Now that rice is expensive in these parts, foodstuff like rice and oil are very much appreciated. You can add some chicken to make their Christmas complete.

food items

Some candy, chocolate and biscuits will do well for the sweet tooth. Wrap some danish cookies, drinks and chocolates in a basket and send them off to your loved one.

basket of sweets.

Christmas goats do the magic. They’ll love the male goats with smelly heads for Christmas “fufu and light soup”. You can send them to the abattoir for dressing if you want to.

christmas goats

Enjoy your Christmas without stress. January is not too far away, remember to plan for next year.





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