#christmasinGhana: 5 essentials you need in your bag this Harmattan season

The Harmattan haze this year crept in like a burglar when we weren’t looking. Dry air, hot sun and haze everywhere, this year’s Harmattan season is almost something out of Exodus. Ghana’s Dry Season comes with its on issues. And in a pandemic? We can’t allow the elements to have their way.

It is only smart that you stay woke and strapped. And that’s where our insights come in handy. We bring you things that you will need to weather through this #ChristmasinGhana without any issue of chapped lips.

Here are your 5 Harmattan essentials.

1. Petroleum Jelly or Shea butter

Good bye chapped elbows and dry skin. Petroleum jelly is the tried and tested option for keeping your skin looking fresh and oiled up. Alternatively, shea butter keeps your skin looking radiant and healthy. It has the added benefits of antioxidants so you aren’t just emollienting but feed your skin healthy nutrients. If you don’t want to look like Casper the friendly ghost, please do well to make petroleum jelly or shea butter your new best friend.

2. Face towel

No cap. You need a face towel. If you are like me who was born almost like a vampire If you think Accra’s sun is hot then brace yourself. Harmattan sun is like the fire used to boils beans. Unless, you intend not to enjoy the outdoors get yourself a face towel or some tissues for the sweat.

3. Lip balm

An absolute must. Ghana’s Dry Season likes to get intimate and one of the first things it does is to plant its dry kiss on your lips. No kidding. Your lips will get chapped and start to peel off with sores. Luckily there’s an easy way to prevent that; lip balm. It keeps your lips moisturised and protected. Save your kisses for that special someone come New Year’s Eve. I know I will.

4. Vitamin C and Zinc Tablets

Because Harmattan is the Flu’s Bluetooth. As if the dust in the air isn’t enough so many respiratory infections abound during the Dry Season. Get your bag packed with Vitamin C and Zinc tablets to bolster your immune system. Considering we aren’t out of the woods yet with Covid, this suggestion works as a double whammy.

5. Face Mask and Hand Sanitizer

Covid made most of us recognize that personal hygiene is vital. We encourage you to have a mask and a sanitizer on your person at all times. The haze from the Harmattan is something your lungs don’t need. So do the needful; sanitize, mask-up, stay healthy, stay fashionable and prepare to partey after partey this #christmasinGhana.





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