Cinema Plug: Meet Afriyah the only Ghanaian who styled Hollywood actors for The Woman King

We are proud to report that costume designer Nana Afriyah Frimpong is the Ghanaian consultant who coordinated wardrobe for all Ghana-shot scenes of the much-anticipated The Woman King movie. Congratulations, Afriyah.

Afriyah was the coordinator for all the Ghana-shot wardrobe operations. She also costumed all scenes shot in Ghana.


She shared some BTS of her work and the story behind how she became the costume design coordinator for “The Woman King” scenes shot in Ghana on her Instagram feed.

“A year ago this very week I received a call to send my resume and then was asked
To briefly help the costume team for a major Hollywood movie during the pre-production stage. I was very grateful and did my thing. By God’s Grace that brief opportunity worked out so well that the project was expanded and evolved into me working as part of the costume team for the entire duration of the production and even getting to costume the cast for the scenes shot in Ghana. That movie is @womankingmovie. Working on this has been very adventurous, tasking, educational and wonderful.”

She added by thanking God, her friends and her family who supported her on this milestone.

“I’m so grateful to my fam for always hooking a sister up! Thank you truly. I’m so grateful to Ms Viola @violadavis and team for fighting to get a such a history making film like this made. Then making sure it was filmed right here on the continent and giving opportunity to Ghanaian filmmakers like myself, Nigerian filmmakers, and filmmakers from other African nations, to get the chance to be part of a global blockbuster and show the world that we are more than capable. I honour you mighty woman. I’m so grateful to our awesome talented costume lead Gersha for trusting me so much and making me the lead craftsman and cordinator for all Ghana operations, and then the opportunity to style the Ghana scenes by myself as well. I’m so grateful to Lynn and the entire costume team I got to work with in/from South Africa and Canada. I’m ever grateful to my YESU for always managing to bring Hollywood to me right here in Ghana. With YOU, ALL things are possible.”


Congratulations on this achievement, Afriyah! Making Ghana and the Motherland proud.

About The Woman King

Hollywood set its sights and site in Africa with the action adventure “The Woman King” which is slated for release today (September 16). The Woman King is a historic epic of action-drama that tells the story of the real women soldiers of the precolonial Kingdom of Dahomey, one of the most powerful states of Africa in the 18th and 19th centuries in West Africa.

Directed by Gina Prince, the movie features big Hollywood names such as Viola Davies, John Boyega, Lashana Lynch and rising South African star Thuso Mbedu.

Photo Credit: IG/@afriyahtheconsultant





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