Cinema Plug: these are the 5 new titles to look forward to in the first week of August

Here at BraPerucci, we love a good cinema attraction. The first two quarters of this year gave us some great content on Netflix. “Young, Famous & African,” and the first part of Stranger Things Season 4 were among some of the streaming platforms top attractions. After binging Blood Sisters, the first Netflix-owned Nigerian series, we’re of the mind for more entertainment.

Thankfully, it seems Netflix either has a mindreader on their team. That or they splurge a tidy sum on their customer data analytics. Netflix has been churning out some of the best movies, series and documentaries back to back. And this week is no exception.

The week is almost done and you don’t have to wait for the weekend to prop yourself behind your viewing screen of choice. If you’re wondering what to watch on Netflix this week then you’ve come to the right cinema plug.

Here are 5 new titles to look forward to on Netflix this first week of August.

1. The Sandman – 5th August

Neil Gaiman’s critically acclaimed graphic novel series finally gets its well-deserved live action. When the Sandman, aka Dream, the cosmic being who controls all dreams, is captured and held prisoner for more than a century, he must journey across different worlds and timelines to fix the chaos his absence has caused. This fantasy series premieres on the 5th of August and stars Tom Sturridge, Jennifer Coleman and Gwendoline Christie.

Our suggestion: watch this on your own.

2. Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Movie – 5th August

A classic for the ages. Our favourite pizza-loving amphibians with Italian monikers are also trooping to Netflix. The Turtles are put to the test when a mysterious stranger named Casey Jones arrives from the future to warn the mutant brothers of an impending invasion·of the most dangerous alien force in the galaxy — the Krang. Some great animation is one great way to stay entertained this weekend.

Our suggestion: watch this with the crew.

3. Wedding Season – 4th August

Ladies, there’s a new hit rom-com coming to town. This Tom Dey feature film follows two protagonists pressured by their parents to find spouses. Asha and Ravi pretend to date during a summer of weddings, only to find themselves falling for each other. Looking for the feels? Then this is for you.

Our suggestion: watch this with the Boo.

4. Carter – 5th August

Korea has been putting out some of the best movies and series for decades. But the major success of their Netflix series Squid Game finally has global audiences checking for the latest K-series to watch. Don’t fret. Our action movie to look out for on Netflix this week is Korean thriller Carter. The movie follows a man who wakes up with no recollection of himself or his memories. He is directed by a mysterious voice from a device in his ear, and a mission steeped in danger and despair begins.

Our suggestion: watch this alone.

5. Darlings – 5th August.

India does it yet again. This time with the Dark comedy Darlings. Directed by Jasmeet K Reen. With Alia Bhatt, Vijay Varma, Shefali Shah, Roshan Mathew. It follows the lives of a mother-daughter duo as they find courage amid unconventional circumstanses and situations.

Our suggestion: watch this with the family.





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