Clutch your purses! Telfar teases new clutch bags with influencers

Black-owned fashion brand Telfar just teased a new bag design. The high fashion brand that markets itself as the brand for any and everyone is looking to launch its very first set of clutch bags.

Telfar is best known for their signature bags dubbed fhe Bushwick Birkin. This new direction is set to reinvent fashion and comfort for the clutch bag lover. Of course, as most fashion brand do, Telfar granted a few personages first access to their new release. The clutch bag was teased on the socials of Amanda Murray also known as @londongirlinnyc.

Amanda Murray

Murray is a popular Instagram influencer, fashion stylist and Consultant. From photos, the bag seems to be constructed out of leather and noting the brand’s history, it is most likely vegan leather. Per Murray’s posts, the bag can be carried as a clutch by the handles or worn crossbody with a strap that can be detached as and when.

Get ready and get set ladies, there’s a new clutch bag coming for all your favourite purses.

Stay ready by follow Telfar’s Instagram on an official pre-order/release date.





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