Colour Psychology? What your favourite colours say about your personality

People may regard colours as nothing, to them because colour is  just a colour. You usually hear my favourite colour is blue or green.

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Some say they love bright colours, others say they love their colours dull. Your favourite colour is not your favourite because it complements your skin tone.

You’re drawn to your favourite for a particular reason. This is what your colour says about your personality

  1. BLUE

If you love blue you are charming and friendly. Blue lovers love serenity and stability. You care about things that concern you. Relationships are important to you. You are trustworthy, loyal and intelligent.


2. RED

Red screams passion. You are fiery and nothing stops you. You may consider as notorious and you love it. You love the attention. 


Pretty pink, you love peace and do not like violence. People see you as delicate and sensitive. You love your fashion too. You don’t settle for less colour, there’s nothing like too much pink for you.


Yellow is bright and attractive. You love fun. You are happy and optimistic. Keep your hopes up yellow lover, continue to bring out the sunshine in you.


You love to command. You have the aura of confidence. It’s a powerful color, shows strength. You will make an excellent leader. Black really don’t crack.


Purity, you love cleanliness and simplicity. Sometimes you love your isolation. You are not ready for all the craziness of life.

I am YELLOW, who are you?





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