Congratulations to Dzifa Benson who is the recipient of the Jerwood Compton Fellowship

Ghanaian-British poet Dzifa Benson has just won the Jerwood Compton Fellowship. The Fellowship is the United Kingdom’s premier poetry prize. The Fellowship seeks to not only recognize but also empower young and up-coming British poets. She shared the good news on her Twitter page.

The Jerwood Compton Poetry Fellowships for 2021-2022 were announced on November 2. Dzifa Benson was among two other poets who each received £15,000 (GHc123,072.88). The prize money also includes a year of poetry mentorship.

Born and raised by Ghanaian parents in London, Dzifa has lived a very cosmopolitan life. Living in Ghana, Nigeria, and Togo and now West London, Dzifa’s poetry is very much acquainted with her heritage and experiences. When she’s not writing poetry, Dzifa can be found editing literature or acting in theatre plays.

Congratulations, Dzifa Benson. May your words continue to carry a stark and true appreciation of the human condition.





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