Cry me a river: these Ghanaian actresses are the queens of tears

We’ve been crying a lot lately. Crying at the sun’s heat. Crying at the weight of our wallets (lack of). Crying at fuel prices. But cry as we might there are super dons in crying that even we cannot hope to outrank.

These 8 Ghanaian actresses are the queens of tears. Even Kumasi Chief Mourners watch their movies for crying tutorials.

1. Patricia Bentum

Patricia Bentum Kumawood actress

If you watch Kumawood like we do then you know she deserves the crown. She literally starred in a movie called Tears of The Ghost. She cried more than the dead. That should tell you what type of wailing you’re dealing with here.

2. Vivien Jill

Vivien Jill Kumawood actress

We are yet to see Vivien Jill not cry in any movie she’s done. She’s either being scorned by a husband or maltreated by her in-laws. She can’t catch a break.

3. Christiana Awuni

Christiana Awuni

Christiana Awuni is the mother who is always going through it. She’ll be the loving and doting mother and then her children will carry palaver and bring to the house. If it’s not the children then she’s a mourning widow. She is tired.

4. Amelia Brobbey

Amelia Brobbey in My Tears

Amelia Brobbey cries like her body is 90% water. She can cry on cue that you wonder whether she does crying exercises when she’s not on set. My Tears and Sorrows of Love are a few of her credits. With titles like these why won’t we fear that she’ll drown in her tears.

5. Portia Asare

Portia Asare Kumawood actress

Portia Asare AKA Catarrh Queen. Even before she starts crying you feel sorry for her. She’s always playing a girlfriend or wife who is going to be scorned by her love interest. She’ll be a loving and caring girlfriend or wife and then some juju will turn her bae into a heartless demon. And when the spell overturns she’ll still cry when the man comes to beg for forgiveness. Drama.

6. Jackie Appiah

Jackie Appiah in Princess Tyra

Ghallywood’s Queen of waterworks. Her large doe eyes don’t help the matter at all. From playing an orphan to being the maid who is the prince’s object of affection, Jackie’s tears will always flow no matter the role. Just rematch Princess Tyra, you’ll cry for her too.

7. Nana Ama McBrown

Nana Ama McBrown

Ghana’s Number 1 versatile actress and Tears mu King Kong. Before Nana Ama McBrown became TV’s premier showbiz hostess she used to cry in movies like her life depended on it. She’d be weeping and you would not even realize when you’d joined her.

8. Asantewaa


Miss I’m-crying-but-maintaining-beauty Asantewaa. You know her as the Queen of TikTok but before that she was on Kumawood’s Big Screen. Sometimes Asantewaa will start crying and you’ll wonder if she’s really going through something in real life. Those sorrowful tears can’t just be for the occupation.





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